Thank you for your interest in investing in Nopia Electric Vehicles! Below we have summarized some key points of consideration for our potential investors. Please send your contact info using the form below, and we will reply with more details in our “Nopia investor partner agreement” document.

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~ 1.5 million KES investment per vehicle

Vehicle will be Nopia-branded and platform-enabled.

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Get 50% on Nopia earnings

As an investor, you are entitled to 50% of the earnings, while the remaining 50% is evenly split between driver partner and Nopia platform.

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Free access to Nopia service stations

Your driver does not pay anything for the electricity when charging at Nopia service stations.

Payback period
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15-18 months payback period

Depending on driver’s performance, investment payback is expected in 15-18 months.

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