First full electric mobility company in Nairobi.

On August 9th 2018,EkoRent Africa, launched Nopia Ride, the first ever full electric mobility service in East Africa. The launch signals the first time Electric Rides are available in East Africa for commercial use.

In the first phase of the investment program, the company has kick started operations set to see the number of electric vehicles increase to several hundred by the end of the year.

Head of Public Health Dr. Ombacho flagged off the electric cars at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, lauding the move by EkoRent terming it as timely in environment conservation as well as an admirable gesture by the private sector.

“In line with the United Nation Goals for Sustainable Development, I am happy to see Kenya continue to play her part particularly in the pursuance of sustainable and clean energy. I urge more players in the private sector to prioritize developing environmentally friendly technologies and compliment the government’s efforts on implementing them ” He added.


Nopia’s electric cars are eco-friendly on the road and also low in life cycle carbon footprint. In total, batteries of electric vehicles can be used for about 10-15 years and even after the power capacity of the batteries declines for driving purpose, they can still be used for years for example as home energy storage.

According to EkoRent founder and CEO Juha Suojanen, “Nairobi is a fast-growing city with considerable traffic congestion. The World bank reports that the transport sector accounted for more than half of all the carbon dioxide emissions Kenya produced in 2014. Nairobi City can benefit from Nopia electric ride service that helps in solving the increasing emission and urban transportation challenges while creating jobs for the populace.”

Nopia pricing model is designed to be low for the passengers and fair and economically sustainable for the drivers. Nopia vehicles are easy to locate and book using Nopia mobile app now available for download. By tapping pick-up and destination point the app shows the estimated price for your ride. Besides cash, the trip can easily be paid using embedded MPesa Xpress functionality.

14 thoughts on “First full electric mobility company in Nairobi.”

  1. Hello there,

    I’m a journalist who writes about environmentally-sustainable initiatives and yours caught my attention. I would like write about Nopia and what it means to Kenya/East Africa.

  2. Enter Ekorent in Kenya, This is disruptive technology in the way we do taxi.
    As a fleet manager, one of the challenges i meet in the field is having a number of drivers complain about fuel expense taking a huge chunk of their revenue. With 100% EVs operating cabs becomes more economical and hence good driver experience.

  3. This is a long-life solution to what the fuel prices are.Thanks to technology …I love the aspect of environmental preservation and through air pollution control.
    looking foward to working with you

  4. This will save us the headache of running for petrol fuel that has become cancerous in our road transport service.

  5. hello Joyce, I am interested in owning a car so that I can start doing the business. Kindly tell me where in Two rivers I can come for details on repayment period.

    1. If you are looking to come in as a driver, please fill out our application form here Note that you are required to have a valid National Identification (ID), a valid PSV Driver’s License, a valid Certificate of Good Conduct. If approved to be a Nopia driver partner, we will contact you and agree on your electric vehicle driver training.
      We are also encouraging driver partners (including individuals or organized groups) to come on board by investing in their own electric vehicles (EVs) on our platform. The EVs should not be older than 2013 models as these are more efficient and give have better operational range. We will provide the charging infrastructure and hailing app for both driver and rider. You may arrange your own finance for the EV. You will benefit from additional 40% savings per ride attributed to fuel cost – once you are on our platform you can charge your EV on Nopia service stations for free. For more details please write to us on

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