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100 KES

Base fee

35 KES

Kilometre fee


Minute fee

200 KES

Minimum fee

200 KES

Cancellation fee

How to order a Nopia taxi

How it works


Type in your pick-up and destination address, or simply tap on the map to select them, to get the estimated price for your ride.

Why ride Nopia

We care about the environment. Therefore, all our Nopia vehicles are non-polluting electric cars. By choosing Nopia, you help to reduce harmful emissions and to improve the air quality around you.

Nopia is an affordable way to go places, with clear conscience.

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Why drive Nopia

All Nopia vehicles are 100% electric and good for our planet. For the drivers, they offer 30-50% higher revenue than traditional gasoline cars.

Would you not like to earn up to 50% more than driving for other ride-hailing companies?

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Now scaling up!

Our Nopia Ride pilot has successfully concluded! More vehicles have been ordered and arrived to Kenya. Download your Nopia app now and test our silent and clean ride!

Invite your friends and family aboard Nopia with your personal promocode and they will get 200 KES off their first trip*! You will also receive a 200 KES reward to your Nopia account for each new user that joins with your promocode and finishes their first trip*!

*) Rewards expire after 90 days!

We only have one planet with a very thin atmosphere.
Let's take good care of it!

Go places. With clear conscience.